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I am a professional photographer and author living in Sedona, Arizona.


In March 2012, the Sedona Area Guild of Artists (SAGA) included me in their list of the Best Artists of Sedona 2012.


Since then I have written more than twenty books about digital photography and frequently have several titles in the top 10 of that category. My most successful book has been the #1 Digital Photography and Digital Photography Reference Book in the Kindle store for the past 8 years.


My photography books use numerous illustrations and clear explanations to take the mystery out of creating excellent images. Although my books are quite comprehensive, they are written in such a way that no prior knowledge of photography is required.


We all learn at different speeds and in different ways. For any skill developed, excellence comes with practice. These books will increase the effectiveness of your practice by steering you in the right direction and exposing the error of some common misconceptions. They provide a solid foundation for accelerated learning.


If you would rather be taking pictures than sitting in a classroom, these books are for you.

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