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Artwork by Al Judge can be printed on a variety of surfaces and objects.  The items below are just a sampling of the possibilities.  Click on the link below to purchase your artwork.

Wall Art is available in a variety of sizes, printed on several different materials.


Matted & Framed




Artwork can also be printed on a variety of household and lifestyle items.

Throw Pillow-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Throw Pillows

greeting card H-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Greeting Cards

coffee mug-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Coffee Mugs

Tote Bag-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Tote Bags

duvet cover-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Duvet Covers

shower curtain-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Shower Curtains

Yoga Mat-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Yoga Mats

Screenshot 2023-01-12 231612 notebook-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Spiral Notebooks

jigsaw puzzle-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg

Jigsaw Puzzles

Screenshot 2023-01-12 231220 war dance-g-art-scale-6_00x.jpg


Fleece Blanket

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