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Red Rocks of Sedona

Sedona is a small town in Northern Arizona.  With roughly 10,000 residents and 3 million visitors a year, visitors outnumber residents on any given day.  There are many attractions in this small town.  Many residents are artists and there are numerous art galleries.  Sedona is also a spiritual mecca that attracts healers and intuitives from all over the world.  The Red Rocks seem to have a soothing energy that enhances meditation and spiritual practices.  The famous Sedona energy vortexes intensify that feeling.  The town is surrounded by hiking and biking trails of all levels of difficulty.  Red Rock Jeep Tours also add to the experience.  Restaurants and hotels are abundant.  Nights are often 30 degrees cooler than day -time temperatures.  Tlaquepaque is Sedona's version of a shopping mall.  Its architecture is very much like a small Mexican Village with cobblestone streets, courtyards with fountains, statues, restaurants, shops, and even a Chapel.  Free entertainment is sometimes provided for events like Cinco de Mayo festivals.

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