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The images in this Portfolio were captured at two wildlife preserves within an hour's drive of Sedona.  Most of the images are from Out of Africa Wildlife Park near Camp Verde.  It houses a large number of rescued animals.  All the hooved animals are in one very large enclosure and each species has established a territory just like they would in the wild.  Open air buses transport visitors through a guided tour of this habitat.  Other animals are in their own large habitats. 


Bearizona is a wildlife preserve in Williams, Arizona.  It also has a very large enclosure for hooved animals that includes a Buffalo Herd.  The bears have their own pool to play in as well as trees to climb.  Visitors drive through much of the park in their own vehicles.


The animals in these two parks are well cared for and clearly loved by the staff.  They both provide excellent day trips from Sedona.

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